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Become a Music Manager!

in your house

In your house

If you’re tired of braving the smokey bars, loud patrons and slew of sub-par opening acts, You can host a house concert. Go to your favourite arstist’s website and negotiate every aspect of your show. You would be surprised at how inexpensive a house concert can be for you.

Become a Music Manager!

in your shop or club

In your shop or club

If you run a successful pub, restaurant, or any other business, contact your favourite Artist and invite him to play there.

Become a Music Manager!

in your garden

In your garden

If you are an outdoor music lover, contact your favourite artist and invite him to play in your garden or in a park of your city.

Become a music manager and start to gain

Plan the concert of your favourite artist and you’ll decide how much you can earn from your artist’s gig, as a professional music manager does.

The Artists
choose your favorite Artist and become his Manager for a gig
Support The Italian Music

You’re not only supporting italian music, you are showing off your great musical taste.
All Artist are vetted, touring professionals who pass an audition.

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